10 Ways To Judge Whether a Girl Likes

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They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, which indicates that the two sexes are in fact completely opposite. Well, this can make navigation relationships things a little complicated, but forget even on one, if you do not know if you have an obsession girl like you go back to the first place!

If you do not pay much attention, your signal is easy to confuse or misinterpret what the girl really wants. Observation can be the difference between living in a friend’s area and being leveled to a boyfriend’s status.

So how do you find out? Discover the following 10 ways to know if a girl likes you:

1. She talked to her friends about you.

Believe me, her friend wouldn’t be so good to you if she was delayed by your progress. So, if her friend knows you and she’s good for you, it means she talks about “I hope to be my boyfriend’s cute guy” with them. It’s time to make a move!

2. Body language

Women often show feelings through physical contact, and sometimes they do not even realize that they are doing it. If your girl constantly gives you a little touch; even if it’s something subtle like a shoulder lump or your thighs with a sitting/standing hand, it’s a sign that she will love you. Little touch of “I like you” and hitting five has a clear difference between male relationships with her, you just have to pay close attention.

3. I was jealous.

Jealousy is a natural mood, especially when it comes to a new stage of a couple’s journey (or, in this case, before the relationship). If he tries to get between you and another seemingly frivolous girl, he’ll let the other person know who he is. Encourage to make a fritters with others, because of them, you are just a friend.

4. She consults/take time with her friends and family

A girl who likes you will try to find out so much about yourself, including your friends and relatives. You may not go out with your crew all the time, but if you are really trying to meet your friends and family and ask them to like you very much and see you, and they treat you as a package in your future.

5. Your love.

Flinter is, of course, a universal sign of letting others know that you like them. In addition to oral clues, you need to look for signs if you laugh more often, give subtle touches, playing with your hair, licking your lips, etc. These signs indicate that you like you. You may be at the bar having a drink or two, but this happens only occasionally.

6. She asks for your opinion/suggestion

Obviously, if she asks for your opinion or opinion about anything, it means that she cares about your thoughts and trusts you. Believe us, our girls do not just anyone! Of course, she can also appreciate your opinion as a friend, but if you do it along with any other signs on this list, you are sure to be another level in your mind.

7. Dress

And the goal of the relationship is to reach this level, making you feel comfortable enough to carry anything around your partner, an initial stage is when your goal is. So, if the girl you like seems to have spent a lot of energy looking for you, then try to impress you. Even if you wear casual clothes, you can wear clothes that once praised her, or wear your hair as you like, and so on.

8. You’ll catch her looking at you, very much!

Look her in the eye, as they can tell you a lot about a girl’s feelings. You may find that she looks at you, but once you catch your eyes quickly change your eyes. This is mainly due to nerves, because he wants to look at you (because he likes you), but he doesn’t want you to know that he’s looking at you. (Because she is shy).

9. He laughed at your pathetic joke.

A girl who likes you will laugh at all your jokes, even those obviously not funny jokes! You can even laugh when you say something is not necessarily a joke. A girl who likes you will find what you say or do cute and she will not be able to help herself express it!

10. He turned his back on you.

When a girl likes you, she keeps you there, when you go down — it’s a sign that she cares about you and takes note of your emotions. If you need someone to talk to you and defend you, it’s because she thinks it’s you who can be there for her. The future man who may be in a relationship.


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