14 Signs That You Do Not Drink Enough Water

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Anyway, most of us still do not drink enough water every day and do not even notice it. Here are the most common signs that allow you to know what the real problem is.

image source : pixabay.com

14. Dry mouth

Everyone knows that unpleasant, sticky sensation in his mouth, but it takes some time to realize that you need to drink something. However, sugary drinks are just a temporary solution to this problem, they can make him even craving. Let them keep up.

13. Dry skin

Guess what is the largest organ in your body, it’s really your skin! Of course, you need to keep moisture, but not only using lotions. Complete dehydration leads to a lack of sweat, which means that your body is unable to remove excess dirt and fat. Drink plenty of water to stay clean.

12. Excessive thirst

There is a point when your desire goes beyond the tongue of the desert, you simply can not do without water. It is clear that you need a drink as soon as possible. This is especially dangerous because alcohol dehydration all your body. Oh, you!

11. Dry eyes

Without taking any liquid, its tear tube dries completely. This is especially harmful for those who wear contact lenses. By the way, this is also the reason that your eyes turn red after a smoking pan – your blood pressure decreases your body also dehydrated.

10. Joint pain

It is not surprising if we consider that our cartilage and spinal disc consist of about 80% water. You really need more to keep your bones grinding each other with every step you take. Water consumption ensures that your joints can absorb the impact of sudden movements such as when falling, for example.

9. Reduces muscle mass

Building a healthy and muscular tissue simply will not work without water. Drink before, during and after exercise. It will not only stop reducing muscle mass, but also reduce the possibility of developing inflammation and pain associated with daily exercise and weightlifting.

8. You get sick longer.

Drinking the required amount of water, your body can constantly rinse toxins. But if you do not provide what your body needs, your organs begin to pump water from the storage area, like your blood.

7. The pain of starvation

Desiring too many snacks, day and night? You may think that you are hungry, and your body just needs a little water. In addition, consuming food creates more work for the body, which in turn requires water.

6. Problems with the digestive system

When you neglect proper hydration, the mucous membrane loses its strength, allowing stomach acid to do some significant damage to its interior, you will notice it when it is too late, as it suffers from heartburn or indigestion.

5. Constipation

As you already know, it is very important to lubricate everything, including your digestive system. The colon begins to run out of water that should be used by the intestine in case of dehydration.

4. Reduction of urination

Of course, no one likes to go to the toilet every five seconds, but if you only go to the toilet twice a day, you really have a problem. may sound amazing, but even 4-7 times is not enough.

3. Premature aging

As we age, our body retains less water, so you need to start drinking more. But when your water intake does not increase, or it is already low, your body begins to age prematurely. Nobody wants to do that, right? Focus on hydration, say goodbye to wrinkles.

2. Headache

Forget those painkillers! As brain tissue loses moisture during dehydration, your brain begins to shrink and move away from the skull. This leads to triggering pain receptors around the brain, which we simply call headaches.

1. To you.

Even if you already have once, maybe you do not drink enough water and do not expect a larger signal. This is already a sign.


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