20 Soul crushing Struggles Only Left-Handed People Understand

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For the past 42 years, 13 August has been International Day of Left-Handers and a day commemorating those who have overcome the struggle for great things. Almost all products and equipment are made with right-handed people. Well, for all left-handers, it’s a reality — life can be harder than you think. Let’s look at the 30 questions from left-handers.

1. Scissors

But any left-handed person will agree that using ordinary scissors can be a painful butt. Most left-handed people do not really realize that they are different until they reach preschool age, realizing that it is impossible to use right-handed scissors. Without a left-handed pair, they are forced to cut the right side and cut off their artistic taste, or turn the scissors upside down and get premature arthritis. Ergonomic handle scissors, not left-handed.

2.single desk

They have to find a place where they don’t touch their elbow with the person sitting next to them. You know, there’s not enough table for left-handers. Like left-handed scissors, why do you think this is a good idea? Oh, it’s too convenient to place the table on the right side of the chair. Oh, wait, no.

3. Dry cleaning table

What could be worse than ink stained hands and ugly stains on the slate? Soon you will know that everything is erased almost once it is written.

Through Gifey.

4. cups

Face of the mug upside down. Mugs can be an interesting way to express themselves. For our left-handers, the graphics on the mug look at us, not everyone else.

5. tape measure

Do you think accurate measurement with a tape measure is difficult?

6. video games

No, if we use a keyboard and a mouse or a controller, it is not difficult for left-handers to play the game. For left-handers, the biggest problem is that when a single-handed tool requires fine motor skills and coordination to use it correctly, but it is designed in a way that it is impossible or uncomfortable to use it on the left hand.

7. Can opener

is a left-handed, which could be half the problem, but is anyone else struggling to use a canned opener? Before, simply mash the jar in a different form without cutting the lid. There is certainly no technique to do this. All you want is beans and toast!

8. Ball pen on the chain

In many places, such as post offices and banks, you will find feather chains on the table or on the counter, of course, are attached on the right side, usually short on a chain, which can not be used by the left hand!

9. Spoons of ice cream

Of course, left-handers use stationery, but preventing them from enjoying a spoonful of ice cream will certainly be too much!

10. pens

The pen does not work for left-handers, because we push the pen into the paper. The fight is real. Speaking of left-handed intrigue, look at this. It seems that the world has not caused enough trouble for left-handers! What about the decal on the pen is upside down? Yes, thank you.

11. Crossword

You can learn to write backwards, but why do you want to do it? Unless you use a super lying instant drying ink or a super durable pencil, you end up with dirty hypocrisy. You have been waiting for the use of this term for more than ten years, thank you and your welcome.

12. portable spiral

Writing with a spiral notebook and triple ring adhesive is a special kind of torture when you’re left-handed. The ring makes it impossible for left-handed people to lay flat on the page and write normally. Why is this? Well, because he found them all incredibly unpleasant to write. Although this may not seem like a big problem, it definitely is. Writing on one of them means that you will also create deep, painful dents on your beloved left hand.

13. Terrible trouble.

“Are you left-handed?”

Is there anything I can send it?

14. Strange assumptions

The brain and body of a left-handed person can be different from that of a right-handed person. “Wow, do you know what left-handed means you’re better off using logic to solve problems?”

15. Swipe

Why does the sliding part always have to be on the right side of the machine? Discrimination, that’s why.

16. Playing cards

When the person on the left plays cards, he holds a card, puts them so that the upper left corner is displayed. I guess it’s rooted in learning how to play card games as a child and many standard cards without card identifiers in the upper right corner. And if the fact that you can’t slide is bad enough, how about the fact that the cards are specially designed to be incited from the right hand? Something was furious.

17. Shooting Gun

Let’s face it, the world just did not go. Nowhere is it certainly more obvious than shooting sports, this is not something that most of us face every day — but, nevertheless, getting a blow to the face in this way looks like the opposite pleasure.

18. Use the pen

Left-handers should push the pen away from their hands while creating clear loops and inclinations, crossing no and embellished ‘i. Pushing means that the tip is more likely to jump and break the line.

19. Adhesive

There’s nothing worse than trying to record notes in a three-ring binder. Even right-handed people hate these, but they become exponential more irritating left-handers.

20. So excited.

The experience of seeing another left-handed person can really be a big problem!


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