3 Foods That Help Better Your Mood and Overall Mental Health

image source : pixabay.com
image source : pixabay.com

Good mental health can be grown by changing your lifestyle and diet. Does this mean you can literally eat your way of getting a better mood?

It’s okay… A little bit.

While overeating “because you like” is very much not, there are some foods that have been proven to have properties that promote mood. Don’t worry, these are not crazy, exotic or expensive food. They also turn out to be simple and delicious meals.

The key is to have a balanced diet, whose benefits range from vitamins and minerals to protein and fiber; you’ll want to eat healthy, brain-boosted foods throughout the day. Find foods rich in omega 3, healthy fats, iron, magnesium, vitamins b, c and d, and selenium for a positive effect for your mental health. These will also help maintain your energy level and maintain a first-class immune system.

It is also important to reduce sugar, caffeine and unhealthy snacks. You don’t want to eliminate all the good things you’re doing by eating fried, fatty or processed foods while eating.

We describe a simple meal plan, suitable for dishes made with mental health ingredients in the morning, afternoon or evening.

1. Breakfast

Starting the day with the right food is the key to starting the day with the right mindset. You’ll want to look for foods that give you energy all day long.

— Egg boiled on toast with avocado

Eggs and avocado is an unbeatable combination for breakfast! You get a lot of protein and vitamin D from eggs, and both superfoods contain omega 3, healthy fats, vitamin B6, iron and magnesium. Together, they provide you with fullness, energy and increase your mood to begin with.

You can also add a piece of granular wholemeal bread or yeast bread. They are ideal forms of morning carbohydrates because they are low GI, which means they will give you long-lasting energy as well as fiber.

If you are a person who always runs out of the door (or does not like avocado), the eggs themselves are good enough. Fast omelet or scrambled eggs on a piece of toast, or you can even pre-cook eggs for breakfast.

— Nut cereal with Greek yogurt

Oatmeal, nuts, seeds and nuts, cereals is a quick and easy breakfast of low GI and is also ideal for mental health. You can eat your own oatmeal or some milk, yogurt, berries, fruits, etc. It’s as easy as you can buy prefabricated or make a whole batch according to your taste. In addition, oatmeal can also be a great snack in the afternoon!

But if you go to the store to buy the guy, one thing to be careful is to make sure he doesn’t have a lot of added sugar. Therefore, check the ingredients of the brand you purchased.

2. Morning snacks

Are you the man who has that longing to pick him up at noon? Prepare healthy snacks, so you can avoid grabbing some convenience, such as sugary muffins or chips.

— Berry

You should keep a minimum amount of sugar in the diet, if you care about mental health, certain sugar-rich fruits such as grapes and pineapple is better to save a special treatment. Berry, on the other hand, low in sugar and high in vitamin C, ideal for improving mood, energy and immunity. They are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

You can also store frozen berries, so you always have something at hand, whether it’s a snack, add a smoothie, or cheat on top of a healthy dessert, as they go all the pasta when heated in the microwave.

— Nuts

Nuts are the perfect food for snacks, because they are not only easy to store and store, but also full of healthy fats. Almonds, especially nuts, contain the highest concentration of omega 3, which is important for your overall health – body and mind.

What’s more, you can eat nuts yourself, or mix them with dark chocolate, dried fruits and even bake them with herbs and spices for a delicious gift.

3. Lunch

The best lunch is nutritious and full, but also simple and, of course, delicious!

— Quinoa salad or brown rice

As we have already mentioned, foods with low GI contribute to a slow combustion of energy, as well as to maintaining stable blood sugar levels. This is important for mental health, because high energy and collapse certainly will not help your mood.

This makes foods such as brown rice and quinoa perfect for lunch. They are not only filled, but also combined with a variety of vegetables, proteins and healthy fats such as cheese and olive oil.

— Super Soup

Soup for lunch? Sounds boring, but you will be spoiled when you really explore all the amazing options! Start with your favorite soup and then try different textures, flavors, delicacies and ingredients so you can discover new collections.

Soups not only open up a world of flavors, but also give you the opportunity to add healthy and nutritious ingredients to your food. You can pack them with vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, gut friendly ingredients and much more. Chubby the rest of the day!


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