7 Reasons Why You Should Sleep on The Left Side


We all know that a good sleep is important for our health and energy. We have to sleep well to meet our needs during the day, as well as work well, both at school and at work. To get the best sleeping position, it should be noted that there is a posture not only like, but also it is recommended to study.

If sleeping on your stomach is your favorite position, it is not recommended, because it makes it difficult for us to breathe, among other things. Experts note that sleeping in a lateral position is a better rest and the organism correctly, gives us relaxation upon awakening, which will help us maintain better performance during the day. It is scientifically recognized that changes in sleep position can improve the health of people’s system, so this position brings us several benefits.

1. It’s good for the brain.

Sleeping on the left side helps and benefits the central nervous system of lymphatic drainage, thanks to the study identified by Stony Brook University in New York and Rochester, and published in the scientific journal “The Journal of Neuroscience”. Sleeping in this position helps to remove excess proteins, vitamins, fats and wastes, such as beta-amyloid deposits, which are extremely harmful to health.

2. It is better for the health of our heart

According to one study, 80% of our heart is on the left side, so sleeping on the same side is beneficial for the health of the left side. This is because we avoid blockage of the aorta, which pumps blood from our heart to the rest of the blood system, which means not only the function of the heart, but also the circulation of the body.

3. Promotes digestion

The stomach falls like the pancreas on the left side of our body, so lying on the left side is the most natural way to facilitate digestion during sleep, our gastric juice works best in this position. Sleeping on the right side is the opposite, it does not help to digest at all, which makes it more difficult.

4. Reduce weight in the spine

When lying on your side, your spine is more consistent than lying on your stomach or on your stomach. On his side, he avoids all the weight that is on his back. This benefit is highly recommended for pregnant women, as it prevents babies from pressing a kava into the heart and making blood circulation easier, making it easier to obtain nutrients to the baby.

5. Reduces back and neck pain.

The ideal way to avoid this pain is to lie on the left side of our body. This is the best way for our spine to rest as much as possible.

6. Sleep better.

Experts say that sleeping on the left makes sleep better quality and more rest dawn.

7. Better mood and no threat of stress

According to studies, the most sociable person sleeps on the left, but can at dawn in a very good mood, and if you try to change this position, it threatens more energy and sleepless, so better mood and eliminate stress.


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