8 Things To Avoid When You Are Angry

image source : pixabay.com

Because we can all agree, sending your boss rude email is not always the best idea. Many actions have been identified when you are in anger to avoid.

Does it hurt to know? Here are the 8 actions:

image source : pixabay.com

1. Avoid eating

Most often, we look for unhealthy food and garbage options. According to a Harvard study, he points out that they tend to reach high-calorie foods, fats, sugars and carbohydrates to our combat or flight reactions, or dangerous reactions, which often fall into the first level when we feel angry or vulnerable.

2. Avoid airing on social networks

The temporary satisfaction you get from grunting on social networks like Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Whatsapp can torment you. Because this will make you openly ashamed later in your life.

3. Avoid Arguments

Continuing to argue with friends, spouses or colleagues can only lead to counterproductive. Many scientists recommend holding a “timeout” meeting to calm the mind and body and return to a discussion for both sides for more attentive and determined purposes.

4. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol has a tendency to cause a person anger and aggression. Therefore, if you know that you will easily get angry in a particular situation or already angry, it is strongly recommended that you be excluded from alcohol.

5. Clear the air.

Always be sure to be at peace with your partner or friend before going to bed. Sleep in an unfinished disagreement often worsen destructive emotions, as we sleep our emotional memory becomes higher (we tend to sober more angry).

6. Consider your heart condition.

Some studies suggest that a large outbreak of anger can lead to an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. Especially if you have experienced such attacks and strokes before. They also found that anger can increase the risk of tripling; while the risk of heart attack increases due to a fivefold blood pressure response.

7. Avoid driving

A study by the University of California noted that angry drivers are dangerous drivers because they can cause many road accidents. This means that you may be too absorbed by your anger, unable to recognize another driver, a person, an object or an animal in your peripheral vision.

8. Avoid sending angry emails or text messages

Once you submit these rude statements, you cannot remove them in any code. If you’re excited to send it, try graphing them in email/text or journal (don’t send it to anyone) to get them all out of your system.


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